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Blissful Belly
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    A long road it's been...

     It all started in Mendocino California in the year 1979. I was tired of working in the food industry and decided to attend DeLoux School of Beauty in San Francisco. Best decision I have ever made. Towards the end of my schooling, I was fortunate enough to attend the first skin care class this school offered. (After putting up with months of construction and us loosing our student lounge.) The first class was taught by the head of the esthetician department for the school at time, the renown Mario Montalvo! He was such a good teacher and I loved the class so much he asked me to stay and teach skin care there... Ah, I was too young to pin myself down to that. So, back to Mendocino and to work at Southern Exposure for Sally Stewart for a few (6) years. My desire for change grew and I headed off to Los Angeles to become a makeup artist for the T.V. and movie industry. After a makeup class at U.C.L.A. and a few t.v. gigs (Inside NFL for HBO, Childrens Miracle Network, etc), I decided massage was cool and what I was supposed to do...

       I have been a massage therapist for 32 years! Wow, I don't feel that old. I began my body-working journey in Santa Monica CA in 1986 with my first 150 hours of classes at Massage School of Santa Monica. Later I acquired 150 hours at Tao Healing Arts in S.Monica learning the art of acupressure and Chinese medicine. After moving to Oregon in 2005, I completed my training at Oregon School of massage with another 200 hours of education. I studied Aromatherapy in Los Angeles with renown teachers Michael Scholz and Marcel Lavabre. I worked for 15 years with Nona Cohen at The Body Clinic, a popular, black-owned Day Spa in Westchester, Ca. There I learned from Jane Wurwand personally at the Dermal Institute, ( before she was  replaced by her huge staff) Lydia Sarfati at Repachage, Paul Scerri in Geneva Switzerland, Lori Nestore, the Waxing Queen and many more. I was lucky to grow up with these industry Giants! My current annual continuing education hours for my LMT license focus on things I'm passionate about - client communication, cosmetic chemistry and emotional healing.  


    Industry Greats I've worked with before they became "Famous"... 

    Mario Montalvo - San Francisco

    Paul Mitchell - San Francisco 

    Nick Decamillo - Santa Monica 

    Paul Scerri - Geneva 

     Marcel Lavabre - Los Angeles

     Michael Scholz - Los Angeles

    Lydia Sarfati  - Los Angeles

    Jane Wurwood - Marina Del Rey

    Dr. Howard Murad - Manhattan Beach

    Dr. Linda T. Nelson - Portland 

    ... and of course the countless coworkers I have had.

    G'Anna Dennis:


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